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Star Mountain Capital Supports Female Leadership, Diversity and Education

Last week in New York City, author and media commentator Ruth Sherman shared  her experience and wisdom on how women can raise their confidence and their profile in the workplace and world through bettering their communications skills at a Star Mountain Capital sponsored event along with law firm Greenberg Traurig and the Women’s Association of Venture and Equity (WAVE). October is Women’s Small Business Month, so this event provided a great platform to highlight advancements made by women in business and to celebrate women business owners.

Ruth talked about the realities of today’s workplace – it is no secret that women have routinely been passed over for top jobs particularly in the financial services, technology, media and government industries and more.

And yet, as was evidenced by many successful and determined women leaders in the audience, Ruth shared that there are ways to break through the glass ceiling without compromising the power inherent in being a woman. Even the best plans, results and ideas have historically not been enough  – understanding how to package and communicate those ideas is essential to success.

“Star Mountain Capital and our related Foundation are committed to supporting women and minorities given our belief that diverse groups of people, with a mosaic of talents, experiences and skills, create winning thought leadership, cultures and businesses,” said Brett Hickey, Star Mountain Capital’s Founder & CEO whose mother worked for IBM and taught business and entrepreneurship in high school. “It makes me proud to support my mother’s legacy and this is how we work at Star Mountain and how we encourage the companies we invest in to work to maximize both economic value and societal value.”

Ruth shared commonalities between women who have been successful: They cleverly manage the “rules.” They exhibit powerful presence. They have mastered the ability to display certainty. And they command attention wherever they are – whether meetings, boardrooms, or presentations – by the way they look, sound, and move.

WAVE, founded in 2003, is a nonprofit organization that is committed to the development and advancement of women in private equity and venture capital. WAVE practices their mission through a series of developmental and networking events organized in financial centers each year.

Ruth Sherman, a visionary and dynamic leader, whose business prepares Business Leaders, Executives, Celebrities, and Public Figures to fine-tune their speaking and presence on stage, on camera, and in the media, energized the crowd, sharing her philosophy that charisma is a learned skill and once mastered, has the potential to motivate, persuade, inspire, and advance business.

Ruth speaks at events around the world, and has written two books on persuasion and influence. Broadcasters and publications have featured Ruth’s insights and strategies, including ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX, the BBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, among many others. She is also an active volunteer, having served on several non-profit boards.

We thank the WAVE organization and our colleagues at Greenberg Traurig for their generosity, and thank Ruth and all the attendees for “leaning in” together at last week’s event.

Below are some event photos.

Anne Yang, Pam Workman, Allison Hickey, Ruth Sherman, Lauren Cooper, Naomi Wolf, and Brett Hickey
Anne Yang (Star Mountain Capital), Pam Workman (Star Mountain Charitable Foundation), Allison Hickey (Star Mountain Charitable Foundation), Ruth Sherman, Lauren Cooper (Star Mountain Capital and Star Mountain Charitable Foundation), Naomi Wolf (Author), and Brett Hickey (Star Mountain Capital and Star Mountain Charitable Foundation)
Anna Dayn (WAVE), Ruth Sherman and Brett Hickey (Star Mountain Charitable Foundation)
Anna Dayn (WAVE), Ruth Sherman and Brett Hickey (Star Mountain Capital and Star Mountain Charitable Foundation)
Shannon Zoller (WAVE), Anna Dayn (WAVE), Ruth Sherman and Yue Bonnet (WAVE)
Shannon Zoller (WAVE), Anna Dayn (WAVE), Ruth Sherman and Yue Bonnet (WAVE)

Brett Hickey